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Skip the Gondolas

There is no doubt that we have had a great show, and have achieved as much or more than we had hoped to. Even still, there is always that nagging thought, “Should we have stopped into one more booth? Seen one more line? Met with one more vendor?” I’m afraid it’s inevitable. By this morning, […]

Surprised by Verona

By yesterday afternoon, we had finished most of what we hoped to accomplish in the Bologna ceramic fair. There were a couple of meetings left, but not enough to fill a day, so we were able to wrap them up and catch a train to Verona, where the annual stone show is held. I noticed […]

Day two

Do you recall what you were doing last night at 3am? Sleeping? Me too. Unfortunately, at 3:01am I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone. He called–just to catch up–but didn’t realize that I was in Italy, nine hours ahead of him. He was just getting off work and wondering what I […]

Day one at the fair

The Bologna ceramic tile fair is the holy shrine of the industry. Thousands of people flock to Cersaie to see the latest in technologies, styles, sizes, colors, shapes, and uses. The experience is overwhelming–just when you think you’ve seen it all, you turn another corner and find a handful of football field sized pavilions filled […]

Our first full day in Bologna

Where to begin? Although there were a series of complete experiences that will linger in my mind, I am going to limit myself to just a couple. After our first factory visit today, we took a side trip to the country villa of Paolo and Lorella, a couple who has represented tile to us for […]

Early Morning Adventure in Paris

What an adventure this morning. We arrived to Paris’ sprawling airport–Charles de Gaulle–with little more than an hour to make it through customs and to race from terminal A to terminal D. Our group scurried through a labyrinth of officials and airport personnel to get to our gate, and as we passed by one of […]

Where do we find all this great tile?

Next week, Jill, Susan, Tom and I will be traveling to Italy to attend Cersaie–the annual ceramic tile show in Bologna, Italy. Cersaie is to the tile industry what Cannes is to the film industry. All of the major manufacturers are there, all of the major distributors are there, and everyone is in a festive […]