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Into the Woods

We are.  Are you?   *images:  petrified wood, belgique.

American Beauty

Years back, we highlighted an Italian factory, brix, for their innovative product and inspiring design.  Once again, we’ve found a company who has given us something to write about…and this time, it’s much closer to home. ModCraft is a small, husband-and-wife run outfit in New York, which had its start in their Brooklyn apartment.  The […]

mixed + matched

  grout.   We’ve had a love-hate relationship with it for some time now. But, to be fair, we’ve also often overlooked how truly influential it is in the realm of tile + stone design. One can completely transform an installation simply by selecting a shade to complement-or contrast-the tile they’ve chosen. And then there’s always the unexpected…that bold color […]


We’re fortunate enough to work with several vendors in Italy who consistently inspire us in the realm of design.  But every so often, a factory will evoke such awe that for a moment, all else pales in comparison. One such factory, Brix, has given us much to admire.  From their design perspective (‘Brix is a […]

Should I Use Stone in My Home?

One of the first questions that our designers will ask you when you come into our showroom is what type of tile you would like to use in your home. While porcelain tile can be used on floors and walls, in kitchens and bathrooms, indoor and outdoor, stone tiles do have some characteristics that you […]

Types of Stone Tile

Although dozens of types of stone can be used in residential and commercial projects, listed below are the  most common categories of stone. Click on the image to see galleries and descriptions.

A remodeling reminder….

A few words of wisdom about hiring professionals versus amateurs as discussed in “remodeling reminders” two weeks ago.  “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” -Red Adair (blowout/oil firefighter pioneer)

tonights top ten list remodeling reminders

Oh installers how we love thee. Without them this industry would be even more challenging. They bring so much tile expertise to the table. It is with this knowledge and expertise which prompted this post. Jamen, co-owner and installer from Icon Stoneworks (360-990-3660), was in yesterday with a little David Letterman style Top Ten List […]

“how do i cut glass tiles?”

Glass: you love it you hate it, doesn’t matter. What does matter is proper installation, and questions like, ‘How do I cut my glass tiles?’, ‘What do I use to install glass?’, and ‘Where can it be used?’, are everyday occurrences for us. Well, per usual, I am here to answer some of those questions mainly pertaining […]

Stone care and you

Out of all the questions we get asked, I would say the one we hear most often is how to care for stone, not only slate, but everything from granite counter tops to travertine entry floors. Well don’t fret: here is a little tip for natural stone care. When installing natural stone we strongly recommend […]