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Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Years back, we highlighted an Italian factory, brix, for their innovative product and inspiring design.  Once again, we’ve found a company who has given us something to write about…and this time, it’s much closer to home.

ModCraft is a small, husband-and-wife run outfit in New York, which had its start in their Brooklyn apartment.  The simple, clean-lined designs lend themselves to timeless installations, and the fact that they make everything by hand (stateside!) makes us love them even more.

Not only are their designs inspirational, their practices are just as inspiring:

ModCraft strives to operate as environmentally friendly as possible. We recycle all our packing materials and only pack our tile in recycled corrugated cardboard or cornstarch peanut material. We reuse clay and glaze to reduce waste and we sell or donate leftover material to local mosaic artists and children’s projects. Likewise, our operation is within the 500 mile LEED radius of many East Coast construction projects.

Ceramic tile is a low impact product due to its inert state once fired. All our materials are made of non-toxic components and are lead free.


Mary St.John + David Clark : owners, designers + makers of ModCraft.

How beautiful is that?

View the collection here.


*Images, video + quote via ModCraft.



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