We’ve had a love-hate relationship with it for some time now.

But, to be fair, we’ve also often overlooked how truly influential it is in the realm of tile + stone design.

One can completely transform an installation simply by selecting a shade to complement-or contrast-the tile they’ve chosen. copy

architectonic copy

beveled.remodelista copy

decorpad.blackonblack copy

grove.white copy

jhid.alhambra copy

rh.mixed copy

remodelista.skonahem copy2 copy2

remodelista.jennifer weiss.heath copy

mixedsubway.remodelista copy

jhid.modern copy

white + gold II copy

akdo.calacatta copy

And then there’s always the unexpected…that bold color choice that surprises us all…

colvm.kids2 copy

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images via: houzz, waterworks, remodelista, decorpad, waterworks, jhid, rh designs, remodelista, jhid, remodelista, remodelista, jhid, white+gold design, akdo, colvm architectural design.