On Thursday I was visiting Status Ceramics dealers in Central Ohio, and met Carlo Odella of Europamerican Tile. A CPA by trade, Carlo had given up the suit and tie to become a tile guy, over 23 years ago. Over the course of two decades, he’s amassed quite a bit of wisdom and know-how when it comes to tile, and he shares it freely with his clients.

My favorite bit of advice was the inspiration for the title of this post, as we have learned in our own showroom in Seattle. Carlo also talked about how selecting tile is like getting a prescription for glasses. The doctor starts with a wide range of lenses and slowly narrows in on the correct prescription. Do you find that with your clients?

I was also reminded of a fundamental rule for business: It’s all about relationships. Carlo may not have the fanciest showroom, but he understands the value of building a relationship with his customer. One couple visiting the showroom related why they stopped in. “Carlo, you saved our friends from having to redo their kitchen tile job by finding a solution that worked for them.” Sounds like the kind of referral that comes from building a good relationship with your customer–a lesson for all of us.