Heirloom Design: Status Ceramics and Tile to Last Many a Lifetime (or more)

Friday, January 15th, 2010

encircleI picked up a copy of Good magazine last week and came across a notion that strikes me as an excellent description of what Richard Scott and his crew at Status Ceramics are doing in the tile studio. The idea is something called Heirloom Design.

Saul Griffith, who coined the term, describes it thus:

An object with “heirloom design” is something that will not only last through your lifetime and into the next generation, but that you also desire to keep that long because it’s beautiful, functional, and timeless.

legoAt Status, Richard uses the best quality materials, is fastidious about his quality control, and takes great pains to create glazes and forms that are not faddish, but enduring. Moreover, as I always say when someone asks me why I would choose Status over a less expensive tile, Status Ceramics are the kind of item that a consumer selects for posterity. They don’t ever intend to replace it, as they would a carpet choice, or an appliance, or even some pieces of art.

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