Why Ceramic Tile is Green

Anthony Bogo of CTIOA has published the most comprehensive and concise description of the environmentally sustainable attributes of ceramic tile.

In particular, his essay addresses the greatest shortcoming of many product certifications, green building standards, and consumer preferences: Single Impact Analysis. Rather than examining the product or project in its entirety, Single Impact Analysis takes one trait (most commonly, recycled content) and makes that trait the basis for a product’s environmental sustainability.

A better approach is Life Cycle Analysis: “an across-the board study of a product that begins with the extraction of raw materials, the environmental impact of extraction, the manufacturing process, impact on factory workers and surrounding community, recycled content, transportation, application, use, effect on users & occupants, maintenance, end-of-usefulness, recycling or reusing or disposal impact on the environment.”

Ceramic tile truly shines when compared with other surfacing products in a life cycle analyses.  For more information, please read “Ceramic Tile – Missing In Action on the Green Building Front“.