Recently I helped my friend at LiT tile her bathroom vanity and 6″ backsplash, using the Bianco Carrara ½”x½” polished mosaic.  It looked great until I got to the end of the vanity, and thought to myself, ‘what do I finish this with?’ The Bianco Carrara moulding was too big and the cornice didn’t look right. I asked one of our trusted installers and he suggested using Schluter.

 For those of you unfamiliar with tile lingo, Schluter is a metal strip most commonly used in a brushed aluminum finish, but does come in other colors as well. Schluter is usually installed as a little strip in-between floors to ease the transition from one material to another, but can also be found on seams where the floor meets the wall.  Most recently, Schluter is emerging as a more contemporary finish piece for tile. It is great because it is inexpensive, easy to cut, easy to install and gives installations a clean, modern look. And when I say easy to cut, I’m not kidding.  Armed with much needed advice from an installer, I used metal shears and, with a little back-and-forth movement, it came apart. I finished off the corners with a little sand paper and, VOILA, perfect fit.

 Schluter can be found wherever tile installation products are sold. It comes in different lengths and thicknesses and is fairly inexpensive. Next time you are in a bind to finish off a tile and you want something modern, don’t fret–just Schluter it.