Statements got LIT

Monday, July 21st, 2008

It is not common for the words couture, tile and lampshades to be in the same sentence, but when you are talking about LIT , the couture lampshade boutique that has joined Statements’ new space in Pioneer Square, the three words are inseparable.

LIT is a couture lampshade boutique, starring its creators Dawn and Shawn (yes they think it’s funny their names rhyme) and the Papillion shop dog (with the most personality ever). LIT specializes in custom, contemporary lampshades, made the old fashion way, by hand. Dawn and Shawn use traditional methods as well as new techniques and work in vintage, high-end, and modern materials. The two of them agree, “…making something by hand and knowing that we will be taking the credit for the quality is one of the best things about being a self-employed designer.”

LIT may be relatively new to the design scene, but Dawn and Shawn have been in it for years on both the west and east coasts. Dawn worked on contract for a couple of different architectural firms in Manhattan and Shawn sewed lampshades for about 6 years with a company in the Seattle Design Center. But when Dawn realized she wasn’t compatible with the modern architectural world, “… I have a turntable, rotary phone, film projector and two typewriters.” She walked into the store Shawn was working at one day and said, “Wow, this would be fun,” Shawn realized he had found someone who shared his passion for lampshades and his desire to own his own company became a reality. “Shawn and I are both very quick learners with an eye for detail. If we hadn’t found lampshades, lampshades would have eventually found us.”

In addition to their design experience the pair has had design running through their veins since childhood. Dawn has been reading French Vogue and emulating Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch and Elizabeth Taylor since the age of six and Shawn is an accomplished painter whose paintings can be seen exhibited at various venues in Seattle. They also love, “…anything old, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin champagne, Shanghai Garden’s hand shaved noodles, old glass doorknobs, you-tubing videos of Galliano’s lines for Dior, staying in and drinkin’, talkin’ and laughing far too much.” Design certainly seems to be a major influence on their lives which is also a major influence for their lampshades. Dawn says they get inspiration everywhere. “We are always looking through fashion magazines, going to galleries, and observing what is going on around us. We love birds, thistles, black and white, lettering, and great linens.” This love of design could also be why when asked if they could see their pieces anywhere they do not give the obvious answers; hotels, movie stars homes, etc yet they simply state: “Elle Décor. Keep looking, it’s going to happen.” And why not Elle Décor? LIT shades are the perfect balance of fashion and interior design, everything Elle Décor represents.

Although LIT is still in the newborn phase of its life, its parents have certainly seen a change in the design industry. Dawn and Shawn have definitely noticed a color transformation from the black and pink color craze finally being over, allowing for more refined color palettes like grays, lavenders and mustard yellows to emerge. Shabby chic has given way to the rejuvenation of mid-century modern. It is their great fashion and design sense, attention to detail, and always looking for the “It factor” which will keep people looking to LIT for what lamps will be wearing on the runway next season.

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